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lowest cost printed balloons

Promotional balloons

Larger Quantities of printed balloons  

Promotional balloons

There are many ways in which balloons can help promote your business:

  1. Balloons as a point of sales display

  2. Balloons as a give-away when a purchase is made

  3. Helium balloons or air filled balloons on sticks as  give-aways to attract prospective customers passing by

  4. Helium balloons or air filled balloons on sticks as means of attracting families and placating the children while the parent(s) choose  their purchase.

  5. Advertising balloons at a trade show to highlight your stand.

  6. Release of balloons as a newsworthy spectacle to attract the local media.

  7. For family restaurants as part of a package to attract and entertain children.

We charge from 135 including carriage for 500 balloons (no VAT). 1,000 balloons cost from 169, 2,000 from 275.  Including delivery, no VAT to pay. 

These prices are for ordinary eleven inch  balloons printed on one side in one colour of ink, speedy delivery in less than 8 days is an extra cost: 10 for 500 or 1,000 and 20 for 2,000 balloons. Usually we can deliver within 3 to 4 days if required.  Metallic or pearl colour balloons such as silver,gold & purple are 15.00 per 1,000 extrapicture balloons. Advertising balloons, .    Second side printing is 47.50 extra. 

Just about any kind of artwork can be reproduced as long as the original image or file is large enough to provide adequate resolution. Otherwise the edges of letters become "jagged" and the  quality is unacceptable.

We cannot quote a standard price because the cost of the balloons used is much more important for these large quantities e.g. gold metallic balloons would cost approx 10%  more than plain red.

Two colour printing is also available for runs over 100 balloons, minimum time is two weeks. Prices from 130.

Please ask for a quotation for advertising balloons

Need helium?  click here

From 150 balloons and upwards we use a machine with a slightly smaller print area. The print area of the slow machine  on an inflated eleven inch balloon is about eight inches wide by four inches tall. The faster machine produces a circular area about five and a half inches in diameter.

Examples of  approximate cost for larger orders (all for ordinary non-metallic colour eleven inch balloons):

 Number of balloons  Please note  
500  printed with your logo Price including carriage 135.00 
500  with rolls of ribbon & helium gas  Please call 01795 436400 for gas delivery 255.00
1,000  printed with your logo in one colour Price including carriage  169.00
1,000  with rolls of ribbon & helium gas from Air Products Please call 01795 436400 for gas delivery 380.00
1,000 with valves fitted & helium gas from Air Products Please call 01795 436400 for gas delivery 450.00
2,000 with rolls of ribbon & helium gas from Air Products Please call 01795 436400 for gas delivery 680.00

We use the silkscreen printing process which guarantees a sharp image and a good density of ink this is very important because the image is stretched thinner as the balloon inflates. If you have not seen printed balloons recently you will be amazed at how the print quality has improved.

Just for this month we have a special offer on 50 printed balloons and 50 plain balloons, with a free 500 metre roll of ribbon. The cost for these is normally 60, but if you order before February we are offering them for only 49.00 including carriage! This includes coloured ink if required and use of our stock artwork too. Click here

Delivery Time: We normally despatch orders within 7 days, or faster if you give us a tight deadline to meet. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery for a next day service.

Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the printed balloons then return them to us and we will give you a full refund. For extra security you can pay us by credit card or by Paypal, these companies have the power to reclaim your money from us!

Security. We do not store customers card details on our own computer. Processing is carried out securely either by WorldPay on our online shop or by SagePay and Lloyds TSB for telephone payments. 

We never give out your personal details to third parties.

Which way up shall I have them printed ???

You must decide before placing your print order if you want them printed "neck-down" for helium filling (floating) or for use on sticks.

 Or "neck-up" for air-filling and hanging up in bunches. 


See the AIR or HELIUM page