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Balloon Printing Machine available

Do you want a business you can run from home?  Do you want to experiment with printing T shirts, posters, balloons and other items?

We can provide a flexible solution with free friendly advice. You can start with a screen and handle which is all you need to begin printing (plus squeegee and ink of course!)  Then we have various bases to hold the balloons/T-shirts/napkins.  Then we have our low cost Mini screen press which makes printing much easier by holding the screen and the item to be printed.  Then our Deluxe Multipurpose screen press is a full functional professional printing press with height adjustment and a precisely adjustable base.  We have a larger version if you will be printing A3 or large images on T-shirts.

Please ask us for advice!

Features of Ballooon City multipurpose tabletop screen press  26th August2016

  1. Free standing on table top, maximum height of screenholder is sufficient to print an inflated 12 inch balloon. Minimum height prints serviettes.
  2. Wide base and metal upright(s) provide stability and rigidity.
  3. Machine strips down for storage and posting.
  4. Interchangeable bases: balloons, napkins, T-shirts.
  5. Ease of use: there is a rest for the squeegee at the rear of screen.
  6. Ease of use: detachable handle at front of screen to pull screen down for printing.
  7. Detachable handle can be used to hold a screen for printing tablecloths, table runners or rolls of fabric.
  8. Vertical mounting holes for fixing to table and horizontal holes to mount bases.
  9. Standard screen size for the Multicolourparty system.
  10. Spring-loaded hinge so the screen rests in the “up” position.BalloonPrinting1

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