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Frequently asked questions

PLEASE NOTE    Important facts about printed balloons and napkins

  1. Our minimum print run is normally 20 balloons or 25 napkins, all with the same printing

  2. All balloons are supplied UNINFLATED.

  3. If you contact us on Thursday or very early on Friday  we cannot deliver an urgent order for Saturday unless we use the Royal Mail Special Delivery Saturday service.  This has to be signed for and if you miss the postman you may not receive the package until Monday.  So please try to order early on Wednesday instead.

  4. The balloons  and napkins will all have exactly the same image on them  e.g. we cannot print 15 individual names on balloons for a kids party.

  5. We cannot run you off one balloon or napkin as a sample before you order. We can post you samples of work we have done for other customers.

  6. We cannot give a refund if you dislike the colour of the balloons, please ask and we can post you a sample balloon before you order. Also please double-check the colours on our "balloon-colour" page, we cannot always label the balloons samples we send. 

  7.  Prices quoted are for printing on one side of the balloon. We can print both sides, at extra cost.

  8. If you order dark coloured balloons such as purple or burgundy we have to print in white or light-coloured ink which may cost more. And any photos will have to be reversed (made negative) which is not ideal.

  9. Normally we can only print balloons in ONE colour of ink. Exceptions are balloon orders of 200 or more. Napkins we can print on one colour, two colour (also called "spot colour") or full colour.

  10. We do not manufacture napkins so can only print on part of the folded napkins. We cannot do all-over printing.

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