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DELIVERY TIME        Our cutoff for weekend delivery is Wednesday evening at the very latest.  We make up silkscreens for the day's orders first thing in the morning so if you call with an urgent request at 11am we cannot do anything until the following day. We can use our next day courier for urgent orders or Royal Mail Special Delivery for Northern Ireland and the Highlands & Islands.


  • We usually only stock the 40cm 3 ply paper napkins in 25 colours due to lack of storage space but we do carry white 24cm and 33cm and white "Linen Feel" napkins..
  • We carry large stocks so ordering 50 or 1,000 is normally no problem.
  • Prices for unprinted napkins vary because the US made napkins (dark purple, candy pink and hot pink) are expensive. also the gold and silver. We normally absorb this price difference for the printed napkins.
  • We can  print in one colour or two colours (for an extra charge) and only up to 1,000 napkins at present. Also full colour printing up to 500 maximum.


  1. How are they made?    Latex rubber balloons are made out of the same kind of rubber as rubber gloves or hot water bottles.  A former is dipped into liquid latex, dried and then heat-treated. Latex is a natural product.
  2. How do I fill them?  They can be filled with air, by mouth or by using a plastic hand pump.  With air they will not float. Fill them with helium (balloon gas) from a cylinder to make them float.  For helium filling see No 6.

  3. Are they biodegradeable? Latex balloons will rot down like any natural vegetable product.  The foil or metallic plastic balloons will not degrade and are destined for landfill unfortunately.

  4. What sizes do they come in?   Latex balloons range in size from tiny 5 inch ones about the size of a grapefruit when inflated, to ones 15 inches in diameter. Much larger sizes are available but tend to be hand-made and very expensive.   We only print and sell the eleven inch (280mm) diameter baloons.

  5. How long do they float ?  Only the larger latex balloons float with helium inside, at least ten inches in diameter.  The gas slowly diffuses through the rubber so they only float for about eight or ten hours.       
  6. Why do they float?   Helium gas is lighter than air, when it displaces the equivalent volume of air   buoyancy is produced which makes balloons float in the same way that a ship floats on water. 
  7. How can I get hold of helium gas?    It comes in steel cylinders because it is under great pressure (it does not liquefy under pressure like the butane in a cigarette lighter)  From £47.00 to fill 100 balloons, ask us for a contact.
  8. Can I get a very small light-weight gas cylinder?  Yes, they cost from as little as £20.00 online.  The larger ones fill about 25 of our balloons.  Find them online, on eBay, at party shops and large supermarkets or hobby stores.
  9. How do I seal the balloons after filling?  For latex balloons the best way is to knot them. If you do not fill them too full  it is not very difficult.  Or we can supply the balloons already fitted with  plastic valves with built-in ribbon.  However these are not 100% reliable and are not biodegradeable.
  10. Can I write on balloons?  Yes with a POSCA felt tip pen on inflated balloons,  these are water based. Dry the ink with a hair dryer to avoid smudging. Find them on Ebay.
  11. Why is the printing different for air-filling as as opposed to helium-filling?  Because air balloons are often used "neck-up" in bunches for decorations,  hanging with the stalk on top just like apples hanging from a tree! Helium balloons float "neck-down" with the neck at the bottom. . The exception is when air balloons are fastened to a balloon stick that holds them "neck-down". When ordering printed balloons be sure to tell the printer exactly what you have in mind for the balloons.

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