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Christening Balloons

Christening Balloons

Christening Balloons 

Beautiful printed balloons and paper napkins to celebrate the baptism, naming day or christening.

 There are a huge range of possibilities for your christening balloons. For 15 christening or baptism or dedication balloons with words only we charge £14.55. It is £4 extra to use one of our custom logos. Or why not use a photograph as part of your design? Or print in gold or silver ink. For christening balloons we can offer a wide range of colours and images. Create a unified and joyous atmosphere by choosing christening favors that complement your balloons and vice versa . We can create something special if you contact us and tell us your ideas for your child's christening or baptism or dedication or naming day.


We can include a photo on the christening balloons.   You can use any kind of photograph such as an old  colour print or a passport photo or phone picture (they work surprisingly well!).   We can post your printed balloons within five days with our express service. You can add a message above or below the photo, which will appear in black and white. We can print in coloured ink, replacing the black with blue ink for example but cannot print in full colour.  Colours: Printing is best onto light coloured balloons. White works best but pink, silver, gold, light green, light blue, yellow, ivory, lilac and clear/transparent work as well.  We often curve the text around the cut-out figure, there is no extra charge for doing this.

 We also have the option of Curved, Spiral or Circular Text for personalized balloons.




We can print any picture on any balloon: a teddy bear, baby bootees, a stork, football or angel .


Beautifully printed with an angel or teddy bear and the child's name and the date. Or a football for a bouncing boy!

our designs and products for each occasion: