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Technical details on how balloons are printed


The balloons are inflated to half size and then printed by a moving silkscreen.  They are held on a "carousel" so that extra colours can be printed by further silkscreens, or so that they can be printed on both sides.  

his is a blank screen. It consists of a polyester mesh stretched on a wooden frame. It is very tough and there are about 130 threads per inch. Screens can be re-used with different artwork many times.

This is some of the “positive” artwork used to make a stencil photographically. The screen is coated with light-sensitive emulsion. This is dried and the artwork is pressed against the screen with a sheet of glass. The screen is exposed to light for a few minutes, this hardens the exposed areas. The unexposed areas are washed away with water.

This shows a screen ready to be used for printing. The ink can flow though the lighter areas which are clear of emulsion.  The process is very flexible and is used on thousands of different materials with special inks to suit each material.
The ink is forced through the clear areas on the screen by a rubber blade called a squeegee. This can be held in the hand or operated automatically be a machine.

We have been experimenting by mixing ink colours together on the screen as the balloons are being printed. Pleasing effects can be obtained. For example for this promotional balloon the white image has been coloured with bands of pink.
This not something that is entirely predictable but if you can give us enough notice we can produce something unique for your special occasion. If we have enough time we can try different techniques. If the initial results are not pleasing we can try again.

Let us use our graphic design skill and choice of  ink colour, balloon colour, font, text manipulation and clip art to create something special for you. Don't be afraid to ask!  Click on the photos to find out more

our designs and products for each occasion: